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Flicking a query whether to replace xi 'an over 50 hotels hotel sheets into the first batch of pilot

Date: 2018-08-25

As tourism consumption demand growth, housing demand is increasing, how to let consumers' perceptions of hotel linen and "a guest a change", live at ease, comfortable?

On August 24, sweep "hotel clean living, he put the core" China green hotel - net core project launching ceremony was held in xi 'an, "net put core" officially fall to the ground, and compared with the group hotels and more than 50 hotels in xian to achieve cooperation.In the future, the consumer may at any time by American hotel query and booking with "a guest a change" exclusive identification "net put core" cooperation hotel, check in by mobile phone after scanning "net put core" smart chip, can know the washing sheets for hotel linen and change the state.

Sweep out mobile phone which is sheet didn't change

Put the net core "achieved the intelligent management of the hotel cloth grass by the Internet of things technology RFID chips with qr code of the mobile Internet integration, formed of two nets, the joining together of two yards of the integration of intelligent chip, and connected to the cloud platform data, let each hotel cloth grass have only" identity ".

Put core in accordance with the "net" project standard, the new hotel cloth grass before use will be embedded in their own "core net put" smart chip, and through the net core information management system input information cloth grass, can track the linen from the hotel to the factory back to the hotel the whole process.

"Net put core" after factory finished washing the cloth grass, corresponding status will be updated in the cloud platform for "cleaning", and then shipping back to the hotel for the staff to replace to every room.

Consumers after be being entered, scanning cloth grass "net put core" intelligent chip qr code, you can query the cloud of linen information, such as how many times scanning.See mobile phone after the prompt, you can rest assured use.

Consumers return a house, the hotel will arrange and collect cloth grass to wash factory, at this point the cloud platform will linen status updates for "cleaning", until after completion of washing, ironing, return back to the conditions for use.

"Net put core" first to be born in xian reached a cooperation with over 50 hotels

It is reported that "China green hotel - net to put the core project team" by China hotel association and Shanghai another red information technology co., LTD., jointly sponsored, technology innovation is designed to improve the quality of hotel service, and provide consumers with more safe accommodation experience.

, deputy secretary-general of the China hotel association, director of the lodging industry division zhi-gang ding said, "to enable smart chip" a guest in "transparent, is a" linen revolution ", is a real sense of "revolution" hotel, China hotel association will help put core "net" be born 3 m hotel.

At present, the "China green hotel - a net to put the core project team" has been launched China's first national standard hotel linen management application.

The "net put core" first to be born in xian, partners include H chain hotel, the hotel chain of galilee, love hotels, post, more than 50 hotels, and xi 'an giant peak washing factory, cloud crane factory, reached a cooperation for both washing factory, etc.The hotel together with washing factory will take the lead in carrying out the net put core "in the standard for grass cloth washing and change the specification of the requirements, build trust rooms for consumers.

At the same time, Meituan hotel become a "net put core" the only authorized cooperation platform for the hotel reservation.And the App will provide hotel "net put core" cooperation "a guest a change" exclusive identification, convenient consumers choose and book.

With industry experts believe that "net core" will change before the consumer for hotel linen washing standard and the system of "one guest in" cognitive situation, meet the "live" the nature of hotel accommodation requirements.Put core at the same time, the "net" will also help improve the inside of the hotel industry informatization level, to achieve "a guest in the hotel service" of institutionalization, standardization, transparency, and let consumers to experience the clean, rest assured the accommodation new experience.